Handbuilding Pottery Classes on K´Rd

In the heart of Auckland City lies a hidden oasis dedicated to the art of clay crafting. Discover the magic of hand-building techniques and let your hands connect with the earth. Create everything from functional ware to decorative pieces of art—your possibilities are limitless. Embark on your creative journey today.

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Art makes Community

Join us as we proudly unveil our Studio/Gallery on March 18, 2024!
This is a sanctuary where authenticity is celebrated, and creativity flourishes through occasional workshops and ongoing classes. Our studio is a haven where hands shape dreams, valued as much as the finished piece.

We're curating a diverse collection from local artists in our community. Stay tuned for our online update highlighting inspiring works. If you're an artist looking to be part of this creative community, apply to join by filling out the form below.

Let's celebrate the opening of a space where art, authenticity, and freedom converge.

Self Nourishment

Enjoy a warm cup of your favourite tea, a hot chocolate or the most delicious chai.

Create a relaxing atmosphere by lowering the lighting at night time.
As the light decreases, our body naturally secretes melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone.