Pottery & Ceramics Classes in Central Auckland

About Our Pottery & Ceramics Classes

Welcome to Ayni Pottery Studio in Auckland!   At Ayni, we offer ceramics and pottery classes where the possibilities are truly endless — from crafting pots and vases to lanterns, sculptures, and more.  If you can dream it, you can mould it!

Immerse yourself in the world of clay, transforming your artistic expression into functional ware or decorative pieces of ceramic art.

Connect with your natural rhythm through the meditative, evenly paced kich-wheel.

Explore the fundamentals of hand-building with techniques like pinching, slab-building, coiling, texturing, and more. Whether you come with your own project ideas or seek inspiration during the first class, we'll collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Creating with our hands goes beyond art—it's nurturing our creative spirit and a journey toward mental clarity, focus, and relaxation. This is meditation in action, resulting in genuine happiness. Join us for a delightful time among fellow artisans as we share the joy of crafting and self-discovery.

Ayni Pottery & Ceramics Studio.  Where we embrace authenticity!

What to expect from Ayni Pottery & Ceramics Classes

  • Hands-on experience with clay manipulation and shaping techniques.
  • Guidance from experienced instructors on kich-wheel throwing and hand-building methods.
  • Introduction to key pottery techniques such as pinching, slab-building, coiling, and texturing.
  • Opportunity to explore your creativity and experiment with different forms and designs.
  • Access to a well-equipped pottery studio with all necessary tools and materials provided.
  • Supportive and collaborative environment fostering artistic growth and self-expression.
  • Weekly classes focusing on skill development and project completion.
  • Interaction with fellow pottery enthusiasts, sharing insights, tips, and inspiration.
  • Personalised feedback and assistance from instructors to enhance your pottery skills.
  • A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere conducive to learning and creative exploration.

    Option 1: Regular Pottery & Ceramics Classes

    Weekly free-form hand-building classes to explore shaping and crafting with clay. Learn fundamental techniques and unleash your creativity among fellow artisans.

    Option 2: Pottery & Ceramics Workshops

    Single-session experiences are perfect for those looking to try pottery classes or unable to commit to regular classes.  With several options available throughout the month, explore a range of projects—from mugs to wind chimes and beyond—to find your favorite.

    Option 3: Book a Private Pottery Function

    A great group activity, ideal for office parties, team building, social events, birthday parties, family gatherings, Christmas functions (and more!). Customise your event by suggesting a theme for an even more memorable and connected pottery experience.
    Please email hola@ayni.co.nz for more information on tailored options for your event. 

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