Our Community of Ceramic Enthusiasts

Ayni Pottery Studio and Gallery, nestled in La Gonda Arcade's basement on K' Road since 18th March 2024, is a serene sanctuary where the community connects through clay. Crafted with care from earth and water, each piece embodies a journey—shaped by hand, dried by air, and fired in the bush with gas, completing its cycle in harmony with nature. Our space features three kick-wheels for organic clay shaping and a spacious studio for hand-building.

Sustainability is at our heart, from mindful resource management to fostering community well-being.

Why Ayni Pottery & Ceramics?

Ayni, one of the core principles in Andean culture, refers to a reciprocal system of mutual assistance and support. It is about giving before receiving, trusting that whatever you need, will be there for you when the time is right.

Ayni is, therefore, the interdependent flow of energy that moves us in balance and harmony with the universe, nature, and within ourselves.

In nature, this exchange of energy happens constantly, for example through the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between trees and humans. We need oxygen to survive, and trees produce it. Plants and trees need carbon dioxide to survive, and we release that, every time we exhale. This is a perfect example of 'Ayni' and how nature itself is arranged according to this law.

Art is certainly a way to share our 'Ayni' (energy) in this partnership. Working together will bring balance and harmony to life.

Ayni challenges the culture of disposable consumerism by offering sustainable and long-lasting functional art, from the maker workshop to your home.



Meet Erica

Ayni Pottery & Ceramics Studio's Founder

Hello! I'm Erica, and I am the creator behind the pottery you'll find in this space.

I have a deep appreciation for the magic that unfolds when New Zealand clay meets my hands, allowing me to explore the interplay of elements through this artistic medium.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1985, and I consider myself a daughter of this fascinating planet we call Earth. Rooted in a passion for my cultural heritage, I sought to share my identity through the expression of clay, that allows for a journey of connection with mud, through my innate curiosity for the colours, patterns, and textures found in nature.

Throughout my life, two passions have guided me: travel and art. After obtaining a degree in Tourism Management, I made a profession out of exploring the world. I spent most of my career working in travel agencies and customer service, then I had a period of Spanish teaching to foreigners and later I transitioned to hospitality. The simplicity of service has always been a guiding force in my path.

Since 2013, I have been calling New Zealand home. My family and I decided to make Auckland our home in August 2022, with the goal of fully immersing myself in the world of clay. After completing a four-month internship at Dryburgh's Studio in December 2022, I diligently set up my own studio in Laingholm.

In May 2023, I embarked on a 40-day art residency at Driving Creek Railways and Potteries in Coromandel. This experience deepened my connection with both myself and my chosen medium. Throughout the residency, I explored new shapes and worked with local clay, enriching my artistic journey.

I have continued to deepen my artistic practice through additional residencies. In February 2024, I participated in another residency at Driving Creek Railways and Potteries, and recently finished a seven week residency at Auckland Studio Potters.

My primary focus lies in crafting light and sound vessels, where sculptural touches and intricate decorations infuse them with distinct personality, enhancing everyday rituals.

Every piece of pottery I create bears exclusive designs inspired by the harmony of nature, the realm of dreams, and the inspiring human interaction. My ultimate dream is to acquire a property where I can meld my living space with my studio, enabling me to source clay from the land and craft in the same sacred space. Until then, I am loving my contribution to city life, offering a refuge to return to earth.