Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Pottery & Ceramics Studio located?

Ayni Pottery & Ceramics Studio & Gallery is located in Central Auckland, in the basement of La Gonda Arcade on the iconic Karangahape Road. Click here for more details on where (and how!) to find us. 
Please note that there is a back entrance for weekend classes when the arcade is closed. Look for the grey building with kids playing graffiti on Poynton Terrace.

Can I visit Ayni Pottery & Ceramics Studio?

Yes!  We've love to hear from you. Ayni Pottery on K'Rd is open from 12.30 to 5.30 pm from Tuesday to Friday. And, also by appointment after hours. Please contact Eri to arrange a time and a date that is convenient. 

Can I purchase pottery and/or ceramics when I visit?

Yes, we have a lovely display of handmade ceramics for you. Payment can be made via bank transfer or cash.

Do you have a showroom?

    Yes, Ayni Pottery on K'Road is a working studio where Eri creates her art, teaches and showcases her work. You are welcome to visit anytime.

    What markets do you participate in?

    A few, best is to follow Instagram for updates on coming up markets/events/etc.

    Do you have any stockists?

    We're just starting out, and would love to explore options!  We currently supply customers directly, but are interested in looking at the possibilities of reaching more pottery and ceramics enthusiasts.  Please reach out to Eri to connect and discuss further. 

    Where do you source your clay from?

    From right here, in beautiful New Zealand!  Please note, some pieces may contain wild clay.

    How often do you release new products?

    All the time!  New collections are released as soon as they're ready.  And, the best way to be updated on this, will be to join our ‘Alchemy’ newsletter.

    How long will take for my order to be delivered?

    Orders are processed once a week. As soon as this is processed, you will be allocated a tracking number and you will be able to follow up from there.

    How can I follow up on an order?

    You can easily access ‘NZ Post’ and use the assigned tracking number to check where your product is.

    How do I clean my ceramic lamps?

    We recommend dry cleaning your ceramic lamps by using a soft dusting brush.

    What lamp bulbs are recommended for my ceramic lamps?

    E27 low wattage light bulbs for hanging pendants; and, B22 for bedside table lamps. With technology bringing solutions to our everyday needs, a smart bulb will be recommended to dim up and down the light in use.

    After a lot of research, we've found the best options are:

    • For hanging pendants: Philips Wiz A60 E27 Smart LED 640lm tunable white 7W Filament Amber Globe.
    • For bedside table lamps: Philips Wiz Smart A60 B22 640lm tunable white 7W Amber Globe

    Can I install the lamps myself?

      Bedside table lamps are ready to use.  Please note:  All hanging lamps should be installed by a qualified electrician